At Paul's request, I have made sure that all of the forums on these bulletin boards all have the same setting with regard to allowing HTML in the posts.

Unfortunately, this "same setting" will be "off" for all boards. They were all supposed to be this way from the get-go, but some of them had the properties set wrong.

The reason for this draconian measure is security. There are bugs in certain pieces of software that can be exploited by malicious HTML code. And I'm not just talking about IE, either, some server HTML preprocessors can be exploited in a similar fashion (one of the EWeek Openhack challenges was broken by just such an exploit). So to keep the BBS from being responsible for, or being the victim of, these kinds of hacks, we are keeping HTML postings turned off.

All is not lost. Remember that the BBS Markup Language is still in effect and you can do plenty of fancy things with it.
Tony Fabris