Big thanks to the boys in Cambridge! The new beta is great!

I was surprised to see the RDS TA/AF/PTY stuff, since that was supposed to be post-2.0. I have some wishlists for this, but I'll play with it for a while before entering them. I'll need to select a replacement number-one wish, though .

The new Visuals menu hierarchy demonstrates how well the team listen to us random users here, as does press-and-hold of the Search button. I don't know of any other commercial product that's as responsive as this (the only competitors are free software projects, and that's not comparing like with like as users of those can contribute patches).

The new timezones selection is well thought-out (and familiar to any Linux admin...) and will be useful when I go to abroad. It's the smallest device I own that understands summertime - the others being my Linux workstation and, er, that's it. I hate having to change loads of clocks twice a year, so one fewer is a good thing.

Stereo Bleed and WMA support are things that I don't have a use for, but more features is good news, right?

Not to mention shiploads of bug fixes (yes, I said 'ship'). That's got to be the top wishlist for just about everyone who reads the Bugs forum.

So thanks guys, and keep up the good work. I might even hand round my prawn crackers again.
Toby Speight
030103016 (80GB Mk2a, blue)
030102806 (0GB Mk2a, blue)