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#368520 - 26/03/2017 08:37 rsyncing between the Mac and Linux
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Today I learned about the rsync "iconv" option. I can now rsync my music library from my Linux server to the Mac without breaking accented characters.

(also involved upgrading rsync on the Mac)
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#368521 - 26/03/2017 18:17 Re: rsyncing between the Mac and Linux [Re: andy]
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On a related note, I think I might write a fidtomp3 tool for extracting tunes from our empeg players here. Sure, JEmplode can sorta do it, but it seems to have issues and crashes every now and then, and misses some playlists/tunes.

So instead I want to just rsync /drive*/fids/ from the empeg to a server box, and use fidtomp3 to create links from the hex-named FID files to a tree of mp3 files.

Then presumably I can use mp3tofid, or a modified version thereof, to go in the opposite direction after merging various playlists.

#368581 - 06/04/2017 05:48 Re: rsyncing between the Mac and Linux [Re: andy]
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Handy tip if you want a rsync binary with iconv support for macOS without needing to go the homebrew/macports route. Download Carbon Copy Cloner, it's got one embedded in it at /Applications/Carbon\ Copy\

#368587 - 06/04/2017 20:53 Re: rsyncing between the Mac and Linux [Re: drakino]
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Thanks for that Tom. I already own CCC, but didn't know it was there.
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