Okay, this is the probem with my empeg. Initially, it started freezing upon booting while I had the unit docked in my car. I took the empeg home and plugged it into the ac power cord and received the "no hard disk found contact support" message. After reading the FAQ, and seeing the bit about faulty IDE cables, I took a look at my IDE cable and mine is faulty. One connecter actually comes apart (the bracket came unhinged on one side).

Currently the unit won't boot. All I get is the light on the upper right side of the dimming dimming and brightening. I removed the two 40 gig drives I put into the unit and tried the 12 gig drive that came with the empeg. I still get the same result. I can't connect with the serial cable (or via ethernet, for that
matter) and I didn't try earlier, though i should have.

Is it dead? Is there hope? Any suggestions? Thanks.