Regular readers of the Off Topic forum will know that I picked up my new (used) Ford Focus yesterday.

Now I have to get the empeg fitted. I'll probably get Cambridge Car Audio to do the actual install, but I wanted to check some details.

Wiring Loom Adapter

This one is the one I need, yes?

Facia adapter

This one?

Steering control adapter

The Focus comes with a control stalk for the factory stereo. I've got one of Patrick's tuner kits. Presumably I just need to get a Ford -> Sony adapter, and then plug that into the tuner kit?

Is this RM-X4S compatible one the right thing to get?


For now, I'll probably stick with the original speakers, but I'll probably want to install a sub at some point.


I've got a cheapish 2-channel Sony amp. I need to check that it still works, but I'll probably use that.

Anything else I need to consider?
-- roger