Haven't seen your particular crash myself, but I've seen emplode crash on the refreshes of the left-hand pane sometimes. For example, the crash doesn't happen when you rename the album, the crash happens if you try to click on the album in the left-hand "tree" pane immediately after renaming it. (It's trying to refresh the left-hand pane with the new album name and when you click on the old name I think it's a null pointer or something.)

Are you using 2.0 *final* by the way? That's the one you should be using. I wouldn't use a 1.0 version, although I think they can coexist peacefully if you make sure to install to a different directory, so you're welcome to try that.

If you're connecting to the Central with Ethernet, I'd recommend trying Jemplode, which I don't think has that crash bug. You can create hierarchical playlists with it, and any Rio Receivers connected to the central will be able to play them.
Tony Fabris