I, too, have had this happen using Emplode 2.0. And like Matthew, it seems to happen when changing the name of an entire CD or artist on the left pane.

One of the first things I learned about the Emplode software is that the key to success is to only be doing "one thing": When using Emplode, no playing of music should be occurring, and no ripping of CDs should be going on. If I try to do more than one thing at a time, a crash will occur.

So, back to Matthew's problem...After some time, I have developed a bit of a work-around for the "crashing" problem. I can sucessfully change the name of an entire CD or Artist if it is one of the first things done in a new session or after a fresh re-sync. I've discovered that I only get this error after I've made other song title changes, etc. and then get the error when trying to change the title of an Artist or CD where the change has to be propagated to each song contained underneath. So doing this type of change early in the session seems to work for me.

Another thing I've been doing is doing a re-sync after making a modest number of changes to avoid the crash (not very convenient and certainly very time-consuming since I have a 120GB drive and lots of tunes to index).

I also just took a look at jEmplode and have started to use it, but I haven't gotten too deep into it just yet. I'll experiment with it some more and see if it is a better solution for me to use.....

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