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#367614 - 25/09/2016 17:29 Stuck on Searching for music
new poster

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I will note that a few months ago, the empeg would sometimes get stuck on the last song played. Which eventually became constant. I performed a software upgrade again, and life was good.

Now when I power up my empeg, the bottom status line says "Searching for music..." I've been using v 3.00-alpha11 consumer version all along.
I sometimes get a brief "flash", like it just did a redisplay.

I connected via serial to a command prompt, and it did mention e2fsck needed to be run. I could not find e2fsck, so I did it manually with fsck commands).
Still says e2fsck needs to be run. And still getting the "Searching for music...".

Since it's in this mode, I cannot connect via Emplode, none of the buttons respond.

Any suggestions as to what to post to help diagnose this?


#367617 - 26/09/2016 17:32 Re: Stuck on Searching for music [Re: jdk]
carpal tunnel

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Suggestion 1: Don't use the alpha version unless you have a pressing need to play FLAC files. If you're just playing MP3 files, then the final 2.x version is more stable.

Regarding e2fsck, here are the procedures:;faqent=162#162
Tony Fabris

#367683 - 06/10/2016 03:09 Re: Stuck on Searching for music [Re: tfabris]
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Registered: 20/01/2002
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Tony, thanks for your quick response.

In my situation, it was a multi-pass correction to get it back it's normal operation:
1. Moved back to 2.01
2. Got stuck in always rebuilding database (lived with it for a while)
3. e2fsk still appeared in hyperterminal (no details as to why)
4. Installed the Developer 2.01 and followed the e2fsck procedure.
5. Performed the database rebuild procedure (deleting files).
6. Re-powered up, and it rebuilt the database just once.

I might opt for a larger drive (or set of drives). The music I care most about, store in wav, the rest in mp3 320.

The alpha version with flac support is highly tempting. If I go that route, I at least know what I can move back to that works.