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#372068 - 13/06/2019 01:19 audio recording, recording streaming music
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Registered: 21/04/2002
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Does anyone know of a way to record streaming music with good quality into an audio file, like an mp3 or wav or flac or an audio file that can be converted into one of those types of files. Also what is the best program to rip cds into FLAC or mp3.

#372069 - 13/06/2019 05:41 Re: audio recording, recording streaming music [Re: Mr_Maniacal]
carpal tunnel

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Most streaming music can also be downloaded. Sometimes you have to pay separately for the download, depending on where you get it from. Downloading music is real cheap and easy these days. Most places have made it quite painless and inexpensive to do so, frequently costing much less than the audio CD version would cost.

Since some of my friends earn their livings via music sales, I tend to advocate buying it, instead of trying to lift the audio from a stream. Also, most streaming services run at a lower bitrate for the audio data than you'd get from downloading a purchased MP3 from like Amazon or Bandcamp or whatnot. If, as you've said, you're interested in the quality level of lossless FLAC, then, if you try to lift those streams from streaming services, you're unlikely to be happy with the audio data bitrate that streaming services fed you.

Regarding ripping, here is a thread on this topic from a couple of years ago, since I was asking the same question:

These days, most programs which will do CD ripping do a decent job as long as you turn on error correction for the rip. Many programs have error correction turned off by default. If you don't turn on error correction, you'll get a faster rip but it will get glitches in the files. On Mac, iTunes works just fine to rip to MP3, and on Windows, the built in Windows Media Player does a perfectly good job of ripping to MP3. I don't rip straight to FLAC though, so I don't have a suggestion there, but DBPowerAmp, suggested in that other thread, seems to do it.
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#372070 - 13/06/2019 12:12 Re: audio recording, recording streaming music [Re: Mr_Maniacal]

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I like the Audials stuff, specifically TuneBite. I use it to record lectures for school and it works great.

It also works for music streams.

#372072 - 14/06/2019 05:42 Re: audio recording, recording streaming music [Re: tfabris]
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Registered: 21/04/2002
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Loc: Salt Lake City, UT
well I have an account for a music streaming service(spotify), which you are able to download so you can listen to it when you are offline. The problem is you cant go copy the music to your favorite music player(empeg). I would like to get music that is hard to find, because of my unique taste in music besides some popular stuff as well, but besides some of these large streaming services I don't know where to get it and be able to download it onto my computer so I can copy it onto my empeg player. I have used torrents to get some music. Dont hate me. I also would check out CDs from the library and rip them. Some problems you would encounter was the CD was scratched. So I guess my first question is where can a find rare music that I can stream or download. Second what are some good music streaming services that have a large amount of music. Are there services where I can buy songs or albums much cheaper than going and buying a CD.


#372076 - 15/06/2019 19:03 Re: audio recording, recording streaming music [Re: Mr_Maniacal]

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As a musician, I would greatly recommend you buy the CDs - streaming services pay artists a miniscule percentage. I make about 80% more from a CD than from a Spotify play.
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#372078 - 15/06/2019 20:35 Re: audio recording, recording streaming music [Re: frog51]
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Originally Posted By: frog51
... I make about 80% more from a CD than from a Spotify play.
That is all, not even twice as much as Spotify pays?