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#56823 - 09/01/2002 07:07 Euro people + US store - help?

Registered: 03/01/2002
Posts: 60
Some crying about Euro buyers needing to go to Ebay... in hopes of helping, I will attempt to purchase two (2) additional units from the US SonicBlue store, and sell for cost + shipping to two (2) people outside of the US. You must be able to pay with PayPal (+2% PayPal ripoff fee, whatever it comes to), or one of the other services.

If someone wants to take advantage of this, post here, because I will only take the first two posts (for one unit only!!). If 200+/- units really remain, and other people on the BBS are willing to do this, I think we can help quite a few of those geographically challenged.

#56824 - 12/01/2002 12:14 Re: Euro people + US store - help? [Re: JoshMKiV]
carpal tunnel

Registered: 24/12/2001
Posts: 5528
If the offer is still valid I'll be interested in buying one from you

- Trevor

#56825 - 12/01/2002 12:25 Re: Euro people + US store - help? [Re: tman]

Registered: 02/01/2002
Posts: 44
Loc: Houston ,TX
I also have a 20gb unit for sale if anyone is interested. Same terms as the above poster stated (+ whatever percentage for paypal fees, and cover shipping costs).

Drop me a message if interested.

#56826 - 12/01/2002 14:57 Re: Euro people + US store - help? [Re: JoshMKiV]
new poster

Registered: 12/01/2002
Posts: 12

I am interested in purchasing. I live in the US but would like a 20Gb unit.

Thank you.

#56827 - 12/01/2002 17:57 Re: Euro people + US store - help? [Re: JoshMKiV]

Registered: 30/12/2001
Posts: 119
Loc: Italy
Many thanks to all people who trying to help us european empeg fans (first of all hybrid8 who for first tryed to help me)! I'm currently in a queue at international store for two units (for me and a friend... no ebay sharks); David assured me that " are likely to be able to order one player from us - we are going to try to make sure that everyone can place an order." so at the moment I'm waiting some news from UK.
However, my last email with David was on 4th of january... I hope to hear good news from him soon, otherwise I should find another way to get an empeg

Thanks again even if I hope not to be helped from you for getting a unit!

#56828 - 13/01/2002 16:20 Re: Euro people + US store - help? [Re: JoshMKiV]
new poster

Registered: 13/01/2002
Posts: 63
I'd be keen to buy a unit also.
please email me at [email protected] if you have one for sale.

#56829 - 13/01/2002 16:43 Re: Euro people + US store - help? [Re: JoshMKiV]

Registered: 22/12/2001
Posts: 189
Loc: UK
If you could do it for tuners that would be wonderful, I'd love to have one or two of those...
Please PM me either way