Getting pretty close to dumping this setup. Streetdeck seems to be dead. Centrafuse looks interesting, going to try and see if the demo is decent after blasting the OS on the unit.

For months now, I have not had even a 50% success rate on resumes from standby or hibernate (not OS issues, just Streetdeck issues of freaking out waking up, causing its watchdog to eventually kick in). There is no clear development path on the software, and no sign of a stable, solid build. Every build I've tried, release and beta always has something wrong somewhere, enough to impact daily use.

The allure of a powerful indash system was there, one that could provide good media playback, navigation, and lots to tinker. Problem is, you have to tinker too much, and the media and navigation have never beaten my old setup of the empeg and Garmin GPS V.