Has anyone made, or made available, a 3D model of the empeg Mk2/2a fascia plastic?

I'm thinking that my custom install of the remote display unit is going to likely require a new custom fascia. My install location will likely not have room for the "ears" above the handle hinges. I'm not keen on cutting up the real one, since it's made out of ultra rare unobtainium.

I'm thinking I'll be fabricating something eventually, and the ultimate design for me would be to take the existing fascia design and just tweak it slightly in a 3D modeler. I'd remove the ears and make the outer edges integrate better with its surroundings. Then 3D print (and hand cleanup) a new custom fascia that fits my new location.

If anyone has made a 3D scan of the fascia, I could start with that as my base. Or I wonder if the original design was 3D modeled and if any of the empeg guys have the original model file somewhere.

Alternatively I could go for a pure flat design without stylistic flair, and locate some of the MK1-style round translucent lit button caps, and just have round holes in a flat plastic lens. Those MK1 buttons were an off the shelf part which you could obtain easily as I recall, correct?
Tony Fabris