Yeah, software serial works real good and I didn't need to buy another Arduino, the one I had lying around is doing well. I even tried two different Software Serial libraries, the default one and the AltSoftSerial one.

I have a pretty good working program which will theoretically translate the AVRCP commands from the bluetooth into play/pause/next/previous on the Empeg serial port. But I only have it runnig in debug mode tethered to my computer right now: I'm awaiting an RS-232 shield for the Arduino to come in the mail to make its true functionality a reality.

My only issue with the BC127 purpletooth jamboree board is that when I send an AVRCP command from my stereo (for instance "next track" on the car stereo touchscreen or the steering wheel control), then there is sometimes a significant timing delay before the module receives it and notifies me on its serial port that it has received the command. Not sure how to fix this.

Next question:

Did anyone ever get a thing working on the empeg itself which would display MP3 track titles and artists on the serial port output? I don't recall if that ever happened. The reason I ask is that I now also know the commands and protocols to tell the purpletooth board to send that stuff up to the car stereo to display on its LCD screen. I could scrape that stuff with the Arduino and send it up.
Tony Fabris