All good. The rear end of the Impreza got completely destroyed, and the bumper got torn off a second car that was in the lane beside me. The guy who hit us pretty much wrote off his own vehicle too.

But.. no injuries to speak of -- I have a very small hicky from either the seat-belt or the side-curtain airbag, but that's pretty much it for everyone involved.

Thinking about maybe the Subaru Crosstrek as a replacement, as it appears to have space for the empeg in the dash. Unfortunately, it is model-year changeover time, and they're in extremely tight supply. As in, waiting for another ship to arrive from Japan. Might take months if I go for that.

The only other small-ish vehicle with ground clearance, AWD, sunroof, and canoe capability seems to be the Mazda CX-3. That one ticks all of the boxes nicely, and is extremely well equipped for the price.

No place for an empeg though, very little in the way of storage within the passenger areas, and it has a rather annoying touchscreen which disables its touch interface when the vehicle is in motion --> they'd rather I have to switch my eyes back and forth between a combination of joystick and buttons, and the screen, and the road, instead of just touching the screen directly. Duh. Clueless.