Update: Project is completed, so please go here to see the final project.

Early project prototype work is below, and in the rest of this thread.


Current status of project:

Sorry that I had the volume turned way down on the music, so you can barely hear the songs playing. Audio is quite good in general.

Existing bugs:

- Empeg serial notifications don't always notify when unpausing the player from the player's own front panel. Though everything works, sometimes the car's touchscreen will display that the player is paused even when it is playing.

- Empeg serial notifications do not include Album name, only track title, artist, and genre.

- Empeg serial notifications can sometimes stomp on themselves, causing parsing errors. Example: Quickly switching tracks on the empeg's front panel with the next/prev buttons can sometimes make a new notification message appear right in the middle of the message that would otherwise be sending one of the track titles. So sometimes if you switch tracks really fast on the empeg's front panel, it will occasionaly "miss" getting the new track info for the current track.

- Now that I'm powering this thing with its own power supply so that both the empeg and the BlueGiga are getting their power from the same 12v source, I have a small (faint) amount of ground loop noise. It's nearly inaudible but it's bugging me and I'm trying to get rid of it completely by fiddling with the routing on the development prototype.

Next step:

- PCB for sandwiching the Arduino to the BlueGiga board, mounting in a nice box, perhaps 3D printing a custom box.

- Actually mount the empeg in the trunk, with the remote display up front via the long ribbon cable.
Tony Fabris